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Sitting on a beach
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Makes me laugh
Thinking ‘bout Nimbin
Makes me laugh

Dearest Tanya and the mob at the Environment Centre.

‘tis always great to remember that meeting the Environment Centre had where they discussed the validity of “THE FLIGHT PATH CONSPIRACY” or some such title they gave it. It was about the vapour trails left behind by jets. There were so many of them at one point [a few years ago now] that some people on the west coast of America began to think that there may be some correlation between those trails and the fact that their water went bad, the fish were dying, people were getting sick, all kinds of nasty things were happening.

Anyway when you look at it, it's funny! No! It really was funny! It was like a battle between “The Scientist” and “The People”. The Scientist alias this little man with a burnt head who...apparently had injured himself badly doing something very silly a few months previously, which makes us all laugh during the proceedings of this presentation because he might be clever but has not got a lot of commonsense. All of us laughed, on both sides of the argument. It was The Scientist who was required to prove that the trails were NOT the source of all this conjecture by those people on the west coast of America. He had been preparing this presentation for six months now and had lots of data explaining how trails are left behind at certain altitudes and atmospheric inclines and stuff.

But then he got personal, with his illustrations and obvious hits at the hippie, alternative, mystical members. Those with beliefs other than his own “strictly scientific” belief. So The Rainbow People fella stood up pretty soon and, with his dreadlocks flying, got real angry, in a peaceful but activist way, if you know what I mean. I liked the way they defended their territory, with vigour and feeling, it made me want to vote for both of them, if I had a vote that is. But I’m only a visitor, not a member.

I liked it that these people had passion, each their own. This was a robust discussion from a robust group of people who were genuinely interested in the Environment that we live in. It doesn’t matter that they approached the subject from different ways, scientific v Spiritual/intuitive/loving/creative. It doesn’t matter because they all CARED about the same thing. Because they all CARED.
In the end everybody knew we had to make a compromise. Let those who want to believe in the theory believe it and those that do not, not; let them believe what they believe but let’s move on, we have been hearing about this for months. So we did, and all went home quite happily. Nothing much changed. All the same issues still confronted us but that’s OK, we’ll get involved in the other activities of the group, the permaculture garden or protesting against the export of Uranium from Australia, there’s much to be done.

I liked it; the meeting.
It makes me smile, and feel warm towards them. And Tanya...Tanya, the welcoming, wild, generous, compassionate, huggiest lady in the caravan park who cares makes me smile too. Nimbin, those are good memories. It seems a long time ago so much has happened since then. Still having a good time but...this journey is drawing to an end. It’s time to do something new. After the eclipse I’ll be driving down south pretty fast, for me, a few hundred Kilometres per day, more than a thousand per week, that’s no big deal.

Better enjoy it while I can, where I am, always. I’m going for a walk along this glorious beach as the sun goes down.

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